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Brian won his first national championship when he was still in high school, becoming the U.S. Junior Men’s Champion at 14. However, it wasn’t until several years later, after entering his first World Championships that his skating career really took off. Brian’s teenage years were filled with figure skating competitions, strict training and high expectations. He loved the life and, he had a lot of support from his family and coach.

Brian won both National and World Championship titles, and an Olympic gold medal in 1988. Winning the gold medal opened up many opportunities for him and continues to do so to this day.

Like his peers in figure skating, Brian continues to actively participate in the ice skating community. He trains daily for his own enjoyment and to prepare for exhibitions and televisions specials.

Brian also makes time to mentor several young Olympic hopefuls, and to teach inner city youth to skate as part of his non-profit program, Youth Skate. Additionally, Brian is often called upon to do interviews as a figure skating expert.

“Lately, it seems like I am in the kitchen as much on the ice, but figure skating will always be a big part of my life. My figure skating career has been and continues to be a source of great pleasure to me. Skating has taken me all over the world and has brought so many friends into my life.”

“It has also opened me up to the wide world of food; and its many possibilities! The fact that I had to stick to a strict training diet while competing made me even more receptive to different foods. So in between tours when I was home I started teaching myself to cook, and it took off from there.”

“Figure skating really is my first love, and I expect to continue skating as long as my body is able and beyond. In fact, if it weren’t for my skating career, who knows if I would’ve discovered my love for cooking.”

If you want to see recordings of Brian’s past skating performances, check out his videos page. Interested in finding out more about his upcoming skating performances schedule? You can check out his schedule here.